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When I started my Patreon account it was to make my podcast, Pints With Aquinas (PWA), the best podcast it could be.

Since that time I have gone on to start the Bible History podcast, as well as to develop a long form discussion show on Youtube called The Matt Fradd Show.

It has been one exciting ride!

I’ve also been able to higher several people to help with the running of this apostolate (Catholic word for a lay ministry) such as my personal assistant, Melanie, who helps me to schedule my guests, a social media director, and a fulfillment director who takes care of all of our inventory and shipping needs.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for my amazing patrons. And it won’t continue unless awesome people like you begin supporting.

All of this requires upkeep.

To give just one example, to record one episode of The Matt Fradd Show costs over $3,000 (studio rental, production staff, stipend for guest as well as flights and hotel.

And here’s the thing, I don’t just want to be maintaining things. I want to grow all of this good work that I’m doing so the quality can go from good to great and we can reach more and more people.

This is why I need your support.

And I’m not asking for a lot. Ten bucks or more a month from many fans goes a long way.

When you start supporting me through Patreon you’ll get a bunch of free stuff in return.

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The reason I’ve given two options (Patreon or directly through my website) is that some people have said they do not like Patreon. Please understand that if you choose to give to me directly through this site I cannot recreate that Patreon experience for you here.

Thank you for driving all of this work. None of it happens without you, and, frankly, unless people continue to support and remain consistent in their support, I’ll have to gradually stop doing this.

And I think that would be a shame, given how many people it seems to be helping.

Thank you for being apart of this.




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